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8 Top Tips for Planning A Product Launch Event


How do you go about launching your new product successfully?

By holding a fabulous product launch party at Woodhall Manor, that’s how!
Here are 8 Top Tips for how to throw a memorable product launch event.


1 Check the date

One of the first tasks for your product launch is also one of the most important! Always make sure you choose your event date carefully, taking into consideration your internal diary to make sure no one important from your team is on holiday or likely to be travelling with work.

You should also check that your chosen date doesn’t clash with any other major events either in the area, or taking place nationally. You want to avoid picking the same date as either a key sporting or entertainment fixture, to make sure yours is the first choice event of the day.



2 Make the guest list a goodie

Get your guest list right, and you’re pretty much guaranteed a successful new product launch. Take into consideration your target audience, thinking about who will buy, or use your new product, as these prospects should be top of your guest list.

Industry experts will add weight to your event, as will key influencers in the local area or business sector. It’s always worth inviting the local MP, Mayor and business leaders who will add clout and have a positive effect on other guests. Showing you’re a serious player is also good for attracting new investors and a launch event is the perfect opportunity for networking.

Send your invitation in good time to make sure people can plan accordingly – springing a date on someone just a few days before an event will damage your chances of securing a good turnout on the day. We recommend following up anyone who hasn’t replied in case their invite has gone astray, or they’ve simply forgotten to RSVP. It’s also a good plan to send an email the day before your event, saying you’re looking forward to seeing everyone. This acts as a polite prompt and will mean you’re less likely to have no shows on the day.


3 Plan, plan, plan

For a successful event, it’s absolutely essential you plan the run order, and stick to strict timings. Your guests shouldn’t feel herded or as if they’re on some military manoeuvre, but should experience a seamless flow from the moment they arrive, to the moment they leave.

We suggest giving an overview of the event schedule on the invitation, so guests have a clear idea of how long the event will last, and when they will be getting something to eat. Further detail such as timings for product demos can then be provided on arrival.


4 Entice your guests

Freebies are one of the main reasons people enjoy attending launch parties, so try to ensure there’s an enticement for your guests to turn up to your launch. Consider complimentary gifts, or maybe a discount off the new product. When this isn’t practical, try and find something that is still relevant to your launch.

Always keep in mind your product and company, and try and find a creative gift that people will value such as a free sample of some useful software on a memory stick in a presentation box for a technology company. If you’re launching a car, then a guide to some exciting driving routes and weekend breaks is a practical gift that ties in nicely with the product.

Memory Stick 03


5 Theme & entertainment

To make the most of a theme, make sure it is applied consistently across everything from the decor, right through to the food and drinks to provide a seamless experience for your guests. Consider your brand values and image and how they can be worked into the event. Maybe your product lends itself to a particular theme? Cultural and ethnic influences are a great starting point when considering food and the visual elements for the event.

We always recommend booking entertainment as this will help guests to relax and enjoy themselves. Background music is great for a party atmosphere, but also consider more unusual entertainment such as theatre acts, magicians or maybe something more interactive such as food demonstration and tasting? Whatever you choose, the aim is to ensure your guests share an unforgettable experience.



6 Run a Prize Draw

An excellent way of adding a little something to an event which is incredibly useful. Whether you choose to collect business cards in a crystal bowl with a bottle of Champagne as a prize or go down the route of the online competition, this will provide you with valuable contact data which you can use to follow every single  delegate. Everyone enjoys a prize draw and you will be able to build your database a hundred people at a time.


7 Spread the word

Make sure you publicise your product launch so people know it’s taking place. If you’ve got a PR agency, they will ensure coverage in the press, and can make sure the right people are in attendance. Don’t worry if you don’t have external help, as you can still take simple steps yourself. For example, start talking about your event on social media to raise awareness, and you could even consider creating a specific hashtag to get the best out of Twitter.


8 …don’t forget to book a photographer!

Don’t try to shortcut this with your iPhone. Maximise your investment in your product launch event by booking a professional photographer who will create a very useful library of images for you. They can capture the key moments of the event, get candid shots of guests mingling and enjoying themselves, as well as taking shots for press usage, or for future marketing material. The quality will speak for itself.

At Woodhall Manor we have an experienced team of event planners who can help plan, guide and advise on every element of your launch party.

For more information, book a viewing, or discuss your forthcoming event plans, give us a call on 01394 411288 or email

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