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Keep It Secure!


It’s hard to ignore increasing concerns relating to safety and security in today’s digitally-driven world.

At Woodhall Manor we are able to offer our business clients peace of mind when conducting their off-site meetings. We’ve put together some tips for holding private meetings that are safe in today’s ever-changing world.

Exclusivity for you

You should consider hiring your venue on an exclusive-use basis to ensure that you have total privacy. At Woodhall Manor we can accommodate any number from 2 to 200 delegates in a variety of rooms, giving you complete freedom and flexibility to engage with your team, or the entire company, in complete privacy. A secure parking area should be allocated allowing VIP guests to park their cars securely and the option to have professional security checking invitations and ID if required.

With free reign of the entire Manor House and venue suite, you can hold meetings at times that suit you, not feel constrained to abide by office hours. You’ll also have exclusive access to our stunning gardens that provide the perfect escape when you need to clear your head and take in some fresh air. We can also offer 12 stunning bedrooms and suites so if you are looking for an overnight stay, our Woodhall Manor could be the ideal option.

No Staff clause

If you need to discuss sensitive, confidential information, you may require the Manor to be clear of staff, something that we are more than happy to accommodate. Discuss catering and any other support that may be required, and how this can be delivered without any disruption or interference.

Cyber security issues

If you’re planning to present information to your team, most people happily put their faith in a site which may not be as secure as you would hope. We strongly recommend using extra levels of encryption or an isolated network that is safe, where the opportunities for hacking are reduced to negligible levels. By doing this, you severely reduce the opportunities for any breach of security. We are happy to switch both off at the server if you require a complete cyber shutdown.

Contain the room

Think carefully about how you will share information within your space. If you’re planning on providing documents for the purpose of discussion, you need to make sure that none of these disappear at the end of the session. Name every copy for the participant who is going to be using it, and then simply sign in each copy at the end of your session. For complete peace of mind, ask for a shredder to be provided, so that every copy can be destroyed at the end of the day.

Brief participants

Make sure you brief all your participants thoroughly and inform them of discretion needed with the information you are sharing. We suggest a device ban with phones and tablets handed in to ensure no commentary on social media, and no recordings or photographs. We can offer the use of the safe if there is a need to keep documents or devices out of reach. At Woodhall Manor we are extremely experienced in hosting confidential meetings. To discuss your meeting , give our event planners a call today.

To find out more about our security measures, room dimensions, layouts and capacities, please call 01394 411 288.


Wedding Brochure

Our wedding brochure includes prices, inspiration and real weddings. Please submit your details to download it now!



Our wedding brochure includes prices, inspiration and real weddings. Please submit your details to download it now!