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Surviving The Work Christmas Party


Surviving The Work Christmas Party

Here we go again… it’s that time of the year already. Time for the work Christmas Party and all the fun and frolics that go with it.

Now we completely understand the need to cut loose and party with your colleagues at this special time of year but trust us when we say that there are some key Do’s and Don’ts that must be respected. Here are Woodhall Manor’s hints and tips for how to survive the work Christmas party.


Free Bar

It goes without saying that the best parties will always have a free bar, so pace yourself and know your limits. There’s little to separate top festive fun from Christmas carnage.

DO try and stick to one drink if you can. No, of course, we don’t mean a single glass… we just mean a single type of drink. If you move from beer to wine, to spirits and then begin embracing the shots, it’s quite likely to end in tears and at the very least, a raging hangover. If you’re trying to avoid a hangover, experts recommend sticking to white drinks such as gin, vodka, white wine or fizz (though perhaps not all at the same time…)

DON’T be tempted to walk around with a drink in both hands and one at the table just because it’s a free bar. We know it’s tempting, but it won’t give people the best impression of you if you appear absolutely desperate to get as ruined as you possibly can.


Dress Code

If there’s a fixed dress code, the chances are it will be specified on the invitation, so make sure you read it carefully. If there’s no guidance given, maybe ask around to see what your colleagues are going to wear. Your “hilarious” Christmas jumper might seem like a great idea, but perhaps won’t be quite so funny if everyone else turns up in a suit and tie.

DO remember to keep things professional. You have to work with these people for the rest of the year and people have long memories where wardrobe malfunctions are concerned! Keep everything covered (that goes for the men too) and no matter what, keep your clothes firmly on!

DON’T wear any t-shirts that could cause offence and avoid anything rude or risqué. We also recommend avoiding wearing mistletoe. No longer a harmless Christmas tradition, it’s a recipe for unwanted attention from the office sleaze. And if you’re the one giving the unwanted attention, beware – you could end up on the receiving end of some New Year disciplinary action. Avoid at all costs!


The Boss

Act like the ideal employee by being smart but don’t be overly pally with the management, and you’ll hit just the right note with your boss. It may be time to let your hair down, but it’s always a good idea to always try to make a good impression.

DO say thank you to your boss for laying on the party. Good manners cost nothing and will be remembered and appreciated by those that matter.

DON’T point out what you feel are the flaws of the company or your ‘team-mates’ after indulging in too many drinks! Whatever wisdom you feel you have to share, this isn’t the time or the place to stand on a soapbox or make a play for your manager’s job.



Most work Christmas parties take place at venues that will have food for everyone served in a timely fashion, but it doesn’t hurt to be prepared just in case there are any unexpected delays.

DO make sure you eat something before you leave home. Even if you’re looking forward to a 4-course meal or a more relaxed buffet, you can’t be certain of the timings and with free drinks in plentiful supply, don’t risk starting the night on an empty stomach and living to regret it!

DON’T hover around the buffet, grazing as you go. Take a polite plateful and then make room for others. There’s always the opportunity to go back for seconds, but kerb-crawling the buffet table building a greedy stack is never appreciated by others.


If you’re lucky,  your super employer has already booked your Christmas party at magical Woodhall Manor, but if you know they’re still searching for the perfect venue, why not give them a nudge and point them in our direction. Our fabulous Christmas Parties and Festive Dinners are a great way to enjoy the season.

Call us on 01394 411 288 or email and we’ll be happy to talk through availability with you.


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