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Time to Pop Up for a Business Meeting?


Time to Pop Up for a Business Meeting?

As more and more of the UK’s workforce now works remotely, businesses are looking for alternative options for holding business meetings that don’t always mean everyone travelling to head office. Why is it that whenever you need some peace and quiet to make some headway with an important pitch, there are no meeting rooms free? So what’s the answer? Time to search out a pop up business meeting space.


At Woodhall Manor, we are completely flexible to your business needs, and fully able to accommodate the rising trend for pop up business meeting spaces. A good event venue should have everything you need for your business meeting, even at short notice; respectable broadband, a phone line for conference calls and a nice relaxing break out space for a creative brainstorm. Don’t worry about always having to think ahead to book in advance, we could have a meeting room or lounge space ready for you even at short notice. It’s always worth a call, and you’ll probably end up being pleasantly surprised.

bishops room sm brightened

Bishops Room, Woodhall Manor

As many business now allow employees flexible home-working options, and a geographically remote workforce, it can sometimes prove tricky to gather your key team together in the same place, at the same time. You need a venue that’s easily accessible to the whole team so everyone can gather there to put the final touches to your marketing plan, or come up with creative ideas for new products and services.

Away from the office, you’ll find you work so much more efficiently. Without ringing phones and constant interruptions, you and your colleagues will find it so much easier to focus on the task in hand, achieving much more than you would back at the office. Sometimes, you need to get away from work to create a private environment to discuss sensitive issues. There are some conversations that require the utmost privacy and discretion so this is where an accessible, pop up workspace is ideal.

Manor bar - Low Res

Manor Bar, Woodhall Manor

When you’re looking at options, always make sure that you choose a venue that meets your needs and don’t feel pressured into booking a ‘package’, or agreeing to pay for services that you simply don’t need. A good venue should offer flexibility, particularly to business clients as there is often the opportunity to secure return business from them. You want a team with a ‘can do’ attitude, happy to rearrange a room space to create a break out area, and to keep the fresh coffee flowing at all times. At Woodhall Manor we pride ourselves on giving guests the flexibility and support they need to create a productive business environment that’s conducive to work.

For short or longer term corporate event planning, give us a call on 01394 411 288 to find out more.

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