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Our Top Tips for Throwing a Creative Corporate Event


Our Top Tips for Throwing a Creative Corporate Event

When throwing a corporate event, it’s likely to fall into one of two categories. There are those that make an impact, stand out, and are remembered by all who attend, and those that are so familiar in type and tone that they instantly fade from memory! At Woodhall Manor, we’ve helped hundreds of companies host corporate team building and celebration events, so follow our tips to make sure your company event is memorable for all the right reasons.

Get Creative

Whether you’re tasked with throwing a celebration party or are looking to gather your team to inspire, engage and motivate them, we recommend trying to break the mould and try something different this year. Most companies have teams with a mixture of age and experience, so you have to appeal to people who’ve been to dozens of corporate events, as well as your younger members who are fresh into the corporate world. Your aim is to make your team interested, excited and enthusiastic about your event, and that can be a challenge.

You don’t have to follow a set formula. Think about the personalities and dynamic in your team and what will work for them. Think about your overall company culture too. It’s important that whatever you do reflects your company values. Get people interested in advance of your corporate event. We recommend drip feeding information so that people have enough to spark their curiosity, but that leaves them wanting to know more. By all means share important information such as dates, times and locations, but other than a theme, keep the detail for later.

Why are you holding this corporate event? Are you trying to get your team working more effectively, or is it an opportunity to reflect on results, share goals and objectives, or reward successes? There are lots of creative ways you can convey your core messages from themed parties to awards nights. Or what about more active events such as It’s A Knockout, Survival Skills or Dragon’s Den days?

Take your team completely out of their comfort zone with Stunt Man Training or a Crime Scene Investigation event.

Be Topical

Make your event relevant with a nod to current events. Why not align your event theme with something that’s making waves in current affairs such as the Brexit referendum result?  Or for a slightly less controversial choice, why not theme your event around a current blockbuster movie? We think a La La Land event would be utterly fabulous!

With the presidential elections in the US providing plenty of topical discussions, why not consider running your own fictitious election campaign within your workforce? Pitch different departments against each other to see who ends up on top, or mix up your teams to get them working together across their different disciplines.

Enlist The Professionals

Don’t be tempted to take it all on yourself. Unless you have years of experience in throwing professional events, we recommend hiring professional events planners to pull together your team building and entertainment for a successful corporate event. It’s easy to underestimate the amount of work involved – it’s so much more than simply ‘throwing a party’. To ensure an event that delivers a tangible return on investment, you need professional help.

It’s also really important that you play a key role. You can’t be seen to be simply managing from the sidelines. It doesn’t matter if you’re the Team Leader or MD, your colleagues need to see you playing an active role, getting your hands dirty (depending on the activity, this could be quite literally getting your hands dirty!), and entering into the spirit of the occasion. If you’re too busy checking on the drinks orders, or worrying that the magician hasn’t arrived yet, you simply won’t be adding value to your team.

Break From Your Corporate Persona

Make sure you relax and fully embrace the occasion and encourage your team to do the same. When people are relaxed, they enjoy themselves more and get on better with others, so try to promote an atmosphere that allows everyone to relax from the constraints of your normal working environment.

A relaxed dress code is a must, as is a ban on mobiles and tablets. No sneaky checking emails or updating Facebook (unless it’s the Company page!). Keep everyone focussed and you’ll have a successful event that people can enjoy and benefit from.

Whatever your objective from a corporate team building event, our Woodhall Manor events planners are poised and prepared to give you the best possible support and inspiration. Give us a call today on 01394 411 288 or email to arrange a tour of our stunning country Manor house.

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