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Last-Minute Wedding Guide

Friday 28, September 2018

Last-Minute Wedding Guide

Why wait?Picking the perfect last-minute wedding venue

If you are reading this, chances are your wonderful other half has just popped the question! Huge congratulations, we can’t wait to help you start planning your upcoming nuptials.

One thing we have learnt from years in the wedding business is that there are generally two different types of wedding prep; the planners and the last-minute couple.

The planner looks into every little detail, from the specific date to décor in the venue toilets.

The last-minute couple just wants to get married for everything to go smoothly and to just say ‘I do’. This wedding guide is for you… the last-minute couple.

We want to celebrate everything that’s last-minute, from the excitement and the care-free decisions to the savings and little extras that can come with this style of wedding.

Why Wait?

armed forces wedding

There are many reasons to book your wedding last-minute. It may be circumstantial, personal or financial. Whatever the reason, we can help you plan to every detail.

Financial reasons to book a last-minute wedding

One of the most popular reasons for booking a last-minute wedding is restrictions in the wedding budget. It may be that your budget won’t stretch far, or you may decide that you don’t want to spend all of your savings on a wedding.

The fantastic thing with last-minute weddings are that they can come with amazing special offers. Not only with your chosen venue, but also with the suppliers you are working with.

Chances are, if your preferred suppliers are still available at short notice, they are unlikely to be booked by anyone else. This is when you can enjoy an amazing discount or some special little extras.

Always talk to your venue, suppliers or travel agent about discounts, deals and offers when booking your wedding so close to the date. If you don’t ask, you might not get.

Personal reasons for booking a last-minute wedding

Last-minute wedding guide

Timing and circumstance can have a huge impact on when a couple decides to get married. Pending new members to the family can be one of them.

It might be a case of tradition or personal choice, but some couples want to get married before the newest member of the family joins us in this wonderful world.

Another reason maybe the type of job that either one or each of you have. Teachers, armed forces and NHS staff struggle with time off and they are sometimes restricted with days, weeks or months.

If you want to have full input into planning, you may have a couple of months when you know you will be available, whether it’s time off from service or school holidays. Take advantage of this time and book your special day.

It might be a personality thing…

As we’ve said before, some couples just don’t like the intricate planning that some weddings can involve. Last-minute weddings are perfect for snap decisions, spontaneous moments and care-free planning. It really is the ultimate way to plan a wedding without sweating the small stuff.

If you’re an anxious person or find yourself getting easily stressed, prolonging your special day might also make it worse. Last-minute weddings maybe quicker planning, but if you follow each step cleverly, then it also takes so much of the worry out of your wedding day.

Have a happy honeymoon…

Honeymoon destination ideas

Last-minute holidays also come with great discounts. If you want to go on your honeymoon straight after your wedding, this can also be somewhere you save money from your wedding budget.

Once you have set the date, you can also look into great deals on your honeymoon.

It can also be a seasonal thing, if there is a specific location you want to visit for your break away, and that location is currently in, or leading into peak season, you don’t have to wait the full year. Get it booked up, so you can get away as a married couple asap.

Picking the perfect last-minute wedding venue

Last Minute Wedding at Woodhall Manor

Credit Jonny MP Photography

Does the mere thought of planning every aspect of your wedding day months in advance fill you with dread? One of the joys of planning a last-minute wedding is the minimal amount of planning involved; perfect for the spur-of-the-moment couple who just want to tie the knot without any of the hassle! Picking the perfect venue can make organising your wedding a piece of cake, so we have some hints and tips to make sure where you tie the knot is the ideal place for you and your partner.

Leave it with the pros

Pink spring flowers at a last minute wedding at Woodhall Manor

Credit Jonny MP Photography

If your chosen venue specialises in events, they will be no stranger to organising your big day in a small time-frame. These types of venues will also most likely have a dedicated weddings team with plenty of experience in everything from planning to delivering the perfect wedding day. Wedding planning teams will also be able to inspire you and guide you through the entire planning process, and make sure every angle is covered, right down to the tiniest details.

Most venues will also have collections available, which include decorations, food, drink; all the basics you will need for your big day. This means that you can easily lay the foundations for your wedding day and build it up using your own personal touches to make it truly unique and tailored to you and your partner.

Everything under one roof

Wedding breakfast table names at Woodhall Manor

Credit Jonny MP Photography

Choosing a venue that is licenced to hold ceremonies can also take a lot of stress out of planning your wedding, as you won’t have to worry about hiring wedding cars or finding a church at short notice. By finding an all-in-one venue, you can save yourself from splashing out over your budget, and you can spend more time making your one chosen venue look incredible.

Fancy a sleepover?

Four poster bed at Woodhall Manor

Staying over the night before and/or the night after your wedding can also be a huge stress-reliever. No need to book the late-night taxis, shoo your guests out of the building and check into a hotel at stupid-o’clock in the morning. Staying over the night before can also save you valuable time in the morning for hair, makeup, and calming those big day nerves with a glass of prosecco or two… or three…

Keeping up with the Joneses

White cutout decoration at Woodhall Manor

Credit Jonny MP Photography

Imagine planning your wedding well in advance, having all the latest colours and trends, thinking you have every angle covered, only for your ideas to become out of style and “totally last year”. Pretty disappointing, huh? One of the many advantages of a last-minute wedding is that they allow you to stay up to date with the latest trends and themes with no time for them to go out of fashion.

Last-minute weddings also give you the opportunity to adapt your theme and your décor to the time of year. So, if keeping up with the modern and popular trends is a deal-maker, then maybe a last-minute wedding is for you!

Something to make the taste buds tingle

Stir fried veg at Woodhall Manor


A venue that has their own internal caterers can be a huge stress reliever when it comes to planning a last-minute wedding. Trying to arrange external suppliers at short notice can be nigh-on-impossible, especially when it comes to food, so finding a venue that can cater for your wedding is a huge bonus.

This can save you money, and you can rest assured that the professionals will have it covered. A vast majority of venues with internal caterers will give you the opportunity to sample their different menu options before you make your final decision. For many people, food is one of the main priorities for their wedding day.

In recent years, traditional dining has become rarer and rarer, and has moved over to make way for the more out-of-the-box ideas. From live cooking and food carts to a new range of delicious canapes, there is so much opportunity to make your wedding day completely unique and personalised.



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Our wedding brochure includes prices, inspiration and real weddings. Please submit your details to download it now!