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The Ultimate Pet Friendly Wedding Venue

Wednesday 22, August 2018

The Ultimate Pet Friendly Wedding Venue

The moment when a dog lover finds a pet friendly wedding venue in Suffolk!

Pug at a wedding

Dear My Furry Best Friend,

I would like to invite you to my wedding at Woodhall Manor, Suffolk.

I know you’re probably a little sad that part of my heart is officially being taken up by another, but I promise you, you will always come first. Please keep this between us, the other human probably knows this, but it hurts their ego…

I have found a beautiful pet wedding friendly venue in Suffolk, so you can join in this special day with us. There are gorgeous gardens to explore, fabulous bushes to wee on… you not me.

Talking to the wedding team there, you are even allowed in The Manor itself! There is a beautiful conservatory next to the kitchen where you can reside. You can also roam the downstairs of The Manor, including the gardens. Not the kitchen though, we know you can’t control yourself around food!

We won’t be able to have you in the honeymoon suite with us sadly. Plus, I think if I had you in with us on our wedding night, it may push the other human to their limit.

Someone will be looking after you for the day. They will take care of your every whim from water to delicious food. They will walk you around to meet everyone, I’m sure you will get more attention than I will.

A gorgeous outfit has been picked out, I couldn’t possibly let you attend such an event with your every day collar, that simply wouldn’t do.

I will bring your favourite food and treats, so you won’t go hungry. I will even bring a brand-new bone for you to enjoy whilst we are doing the speeches.

Unfortunately, you won’t be attending the evening celebrations, there is a beautiful cottage for you to stay in, but I know how nervous you get, and the music will be too loud. Everyone will have had too many glasses of fizz to make sure that you’re ok, so I have arranged transport to get you back to your dog sitters for the evening.

Please be good and try not to get mud on everyone’s outfits, it’s not that kind of occasion. There will be plenty of time for messy play another time.

I really hope you decide to come, my special day wouldn’t be the same without my gorgeous baby.

All my love and see you later for walkies and cuddles.

Best wishes,

Your Human


Paw prints

Did you know? We are a Pet Friendly Wedding Venue!

For pet owners, we know how important it is to have your fur baby as party of your special day, and as animal lovers ourselves, we pride ourselves on being a pet friendly venue.

We encourage guests to have someone in charge of your pooch or pet. This is so you don’t spend your time looking after them rather than mingling with guests, although at times it might be tempting…

You could ask a friend or family member to be a pet sitter for the day or we work with a lovely company called Amanda’s Ark. They are qualified and registered pet sitters which includes bringing your pets to the ceremony for photographs, supervision during the day and assisting with your pets roles.

They will take full responsibility for your fur baby, so you can just enjoy their company rather than cleaning up after them…

There are a couple restrictions, but we are pretty laid back and excited to discuss your special day. So, give our team a call on 01394 411 288 or email


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Our wedding brochure includes prices, inspiration and real weddings. Please submit your details to download it now!