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The Woodhall Way… Alternative Event Ideas

Wednesday 8, August 2018

The Woodhall Way… Alternative Event Ideas

If someone was to ask us, what we love most about Woodhall, we would say that it offers itself to a whole world of endless possibilities. We have no neighbours, plenty of room and a team brimming with imagination to match our creative families and wedding couples. Perfect for those alternative event ideas.

Weddings and celebrations have taken a turn for the more exuberant, each one getting that little more lavish and out of the ordinary. So here are some of our favourite suggestions, which we are hoping to see our 2019/2020 season.

We will take your bouncy castle and raise you…

Wedding Hot Air Balloons

Credit ES Promotions

Bouncy Castles at a wedding are a fab idea. The perfect way to keep the little kids (and big kids) entertained. There are so many styles available, and we are loving the trend of the white wedding castle… very glam.

Why not take it up a level? Reach for the skies and dream higher than you ever thought you could…

There are many nationwide companies out there who hire out a hot air balloons for events.

They are tethered to the ground, allowing you and your guests to enjoy rides up into the air for the ultimate photo opportunity.

I mean, imagine the wedding album! DREAMY!

Alternative Event Ideas : Petting Zoo

Petting zoo for a party

Credit Zoo4You

Being an animal friendly venue, we love it when couples bring their furry and feathered friends along. We’ve had all sorts, from dogs being the ushers to owls carrying the rings.

Why not take this up a notch and include some of the more unique animals as part of your celebrations.

Hire a petting zoo from around the area and invite them to the party. Guests can have a cuddle, whilst learning about the animals and their history/habitat/traits.

This is great for all sorts of occasions including birthdays, anniversaries, business events and even as wedding entertainment.

Talking of animals, you could go even bigger! Equestrian fans always have that one love above and beyond anyone (sorry new hubby/wife), their horses. Because of the space we have at Woodhall, we can incorporate our couples love of horses and their wedding day.

How stunning would it be for the couple to ride up to the ceremony on a beautiful stallion… so fairy tale!

Alternative Event Ideas : Festival Camping/Glamping

Bell tent hire for weddings

Credit Beau and Belle

If you attended our Woodhall Wed Fest Open Day, you would have seen how perfect The Manor is for a festival wedding. What we couldn’t show off is how ideal the grounds are for glamping and camping after!

Make it a truly outdoor event with tipi’s, yurts, music, dancing and every ounce of festival décor that you can create.

So much colour, atmosphere and excitement. What more could you want for your special day?

Alternative Event Ideas : Outdoor cinema

Outdoor cinema hire

Throughout summer you will see outdoor cinema pop ups everywhere. Local castles, outdoor swimming pools, local landmarks, they all have them.

Did you know though, you can hire the cinema screen set up for events? Make this part of your evening entertainment along with a popcorn stand, some cosy blankets and colourful beanbags. A perfect way to unwind after an evening of dancing, fizz drinking and cake eating.

Alternative Event Ideas : Hot rods and custom cars

Vintage cars at a wedding

Those who love to attend car and bike meets, why not turn your celebrations into one? Invite your fellow hot rod, custom car and bike friends along and have a real petrol head event dedicated to all your loves.

This can be a real outdoor event with great food, fab friends and all the cars in creation.

Alternative Event Ideas : Film Themes

Interactive theatre has become popular in larger cities. Everyone gets dressed up, acts out areas of the film/play, enjoys associated food and has an all-round great time.

Those who love the likes of Harry Potter, Dirty Dancing, Star Wars etc, can incorporate an all-inclusive film theme to your celebration. Taking the use of themed wedding cakes and invitations to a whole new realm of possibility.

Alternative Event Ideas : Flash mob

Ever thought about surprising your other half or friends and family Love Actually style? You could set up a flash mob as part of your ceremony or reception?

Get a musical procession up the aisle or an 80s dance off during the first dance, the ultimate way to add extra excitement to your celebrations.

Alternative Event Ideas : Fireworks

Fireworks at your wedding

Finish off your magical day with your very own fireworks display. Not all venues are able to offer this as an option, because they are too close to neighbours, but here in the Suffolk countryside, this isn’t an issue.

From sparklers to full displays set to music, this could be the ultimate way to enjoy an Olympic style send off and look forward to your happily ever after…

The ideas at Woodhall at endless, and our team always welcome a creative chat. So give us a call on 01394 411 288 or email to talk through exciting ideas and imaginative fun.



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Our wedding brochure includes prices, inspiration and real weddings. Please submit your details to download it now!