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Prince Harry inviting ex-girlfriends to his wedding?

Thursday 17, May 2018

Prince Harry inviting ex-girlfriends to his wedding?

In just a few days, our very own Prince Harry will marry the beautiful American actress Meghan Markle. It’s like a modern-day fairytale come Hollywood movie!

With every Royal wedding, comes drama, traditions and protocol, which adds excitement to the lead up.

The press has been in their element over the past few weeks with the antics of Meghan’s Dad, Meghan not wearing tights to the announcement and Harry’s choice in guests to the wedding.

Prince Harry will be inviting two of his ex-girlfriends; Chelsy Davy and Cressida Bonas.  Many would shake their head at this thinking that it was a terrible idea, however the Royals are prone to attending the weddings of ex-spouses.

The Royal circle is a tight one with generation after generation keeping friends close and exes closer (not quite the case, but for this blog, it sounds good!).

This isn’t the only wedding tradition that us ‘non-Royals’ would be shocked by… there are a few Royal wedding traditions, which we would find quite odd.

The Queen has final say…

An official letter must be published from the Queen for the couple to get married. She also has final say on whether the dress is appropriate. Lucky for Meghan, she has approved the soon to be Royals choice… phew!

The bouquet will be left at a Tomb

Purple bridal bouquet

The single ladies won’t have the chance to keep the bouquet in the hope to be next in line to marry. Instead the Queen Mother started a tradition of leaving the bouquet at the Tomb of the Unknown Warrior inside Westminster Abbey. This is to honor her brother, who died in battle during WWI.

No Wedding Selfies!

Wedding Selfie

Photographs will not be permitted in Windsor Castle and there is a good possibility that smart phones will be banned from the ceremony just in case.

Markle is prone to a good selfie, especially with her old cast friends, however in the lead up to becoming part of the Royal family, she has had to cease on this kind of social activity. The Queen isn’t a fan of the selfie, so Snapchat maybe missing one of its more beautiful customers in the future!

Royalty and Muggles will not mix…

During a wedding ceremony you will have Brides family on one side of the aisle and the Grooms on another. This isn’t the case for Royals attending a wedding. The Royals will always sit on the right-hand side and all non-royals will sit to the left.

Prince Harry may not wear a wedding ring

Wedding ring and bands

Meghan’s wedding band will be made from Welsh gold, following a tradition which the Queen’s Mother started when she married in the 1920’s. Prince Harry may follow in his brothers, grandfather’s and uncle’s decision to not wear a ring.

Wedding rings for men became popular in WWII, for married service men who wanted to be reminded of their wives at home.

Prince Charles does wear a wedding band ring under his signet ring on his little finger on his left hand.

A Commoner cannot be a Princess

There is a huge difference between a Duchess and a Princess, although many are confused as to whether Kate is both.

As Meghan is a commoner and not born into the Royal family, she can only be a Duchess and would never be given a Princess title.

Controversially, Princess Diana, was never an actual Princess, that was the publics decision to call her this.

Once Royal, you cannot be active in politics

Meghan will be applying for British citizenship ahead of the wedding but will not be given the right to vote.

Although not prohibited by law, the Royal family are supposed to be a-political so should not vote in the election.

Rules are there to be broken…

As Harry is now 6th in line, and already caused quite a stir in the Royal house by marrying a divorced American, we can see that many of the traditions of the Royal family are going to be ignored.

They have already broken the tradition of having fruit cake at the wedding, swapping it with a Lemon Elderflower cake (yum!). Meghan has decided to do a speech at the reception and the couple have chosen bowl food at their wedding breakfast.  What else will the modern Royals decide to ignore… who knows!

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